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Oriental food Market analysis

With research suggesting that around 95% of all adults eat out and 31% of adults eating out once or more per week, it is clear to see that this is a market of immense volume. This further suggesting that the potential market for oriental food is also one of the vast possibilities. The Bar chart below illustrates the varying popularity of various Pan-Asian cuisines, Chinese clearly being that of highest popularity with 87% of surveyed respondents liking this.

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Opening your own coffee shop; Think about the USP!


The good news for small business owners is that almost two billion cups of coffee are sold in the UK every year – and the market shows no sign of slowing down. This makes the coffee industry a healthy market with the potential to grow. Think you are ready for the grind? Just wait a minute to think of your business plan.

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How to write a very impressive pitch deck and get funded!

A pitch deck is a series of words and images that illustrate a venture’s story and business model. Entrepreneurs have used them to raise money, recruit employees, and close customers, partners, and suppliers. They represent everything that is valuable about the startup—the vision, the team behind that vision, the core elements of its business model, and the insights into the customer that the venture plans to take advantage of and the industry that the venture hopes to disrupt.

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15 Principles of Successful Entrepreneurs

All great achievements in business and life are built on a willingness to stick to first principles – what you know is right, even though many people around you will tell you to do otherwise. These principles represent the overarching strategies behind individual tactics of successful entrepreneurialism

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