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What should I put in my marketing plan?

It is ‌ worth writing down your marketing plan even if you don’t need it to impress a potential investor or bank manager. The process of creating it will help you  arrange  your thoughts and justify your decisions.

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Things you should know before opening your own restaurant in the UK

Owning a restaurant is one of the most common dreams every little guy or girl might have. As you may know, there is no magic sauce that will help propel your dream into reality. As your restaurant is going to be Real you should think real and prepare yourself to confront the difficulties.
 There are some key steps one should take to start his business in the food industry, among which writing a business plan might be the most important cause finding the right investor can make your restaurant get off the ground and continue to live. To have a general view of your target market is of prior importance too. This post will help you have a brilliant start in the food industry in London.

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UK Coffee shop Market Overview

Do you want to open your own coffee shop in the Uk but have no idea of what is going on in the UK Coffeeshop market? Do you have a coffee shop and want to boost coffee sales? Don’t worry. This post will give you a broad image of what is going on in the market and will help you impress your investors and take your first steps more confidently. 

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Coffee shop business plan

So, you want to open and run the coffee shop you’ve always dreamed of! You may have been fantasizing about your ideal coffee shop all the time in a way that you are sure about the color of handkerchiefs you will use there!

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