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change your mind about Failure

If you are unable to accept your failures and take lessons out of them, you are not ready to start your own business. As starting a small business, no matter what, is at high risk, to fail is pretty much expected. You should enhance your sense of reality and accept your failures.

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Put the right person into the right position

As an entrepreneur, you should cultivate the ability to analyze and understand the kind of personality required for a special position in your company. If you are going to start your own business but you are not a Dominate type individual, you should think again. Things really become difficult when you get the wrong personality type working in the wrong position.

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20 Tips for Small-Business Success

As starting a new business is high risk, being successful might mean looking at what the other successful person did to reach their goals. here are 20 tips for the young or aspiring entrepreneur to help get you started.

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How to build a great team to success

Did you know that Terrific products, strong financing, cool offices, and a great website don't matter much if your team can't work well together? Developing a great team and establishing a healthy, productive organizational culture are two of your most challenging tasks in a startup. They are also more in your control than many other elements you are dealing with. Here are a couple suggestions to build a powerful team to success:

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