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Writing a Business Plan: 10 key Qs

Don't you know if you really need a business plan? This article would help you kill your hesitation and make the best decision. Before starting to write a business plan and in order to help identify problems with the development and application of a powerful one, take a self-test and ask yourself the following ten questions. This simple exercise will bring to focus indications of your state of planning.

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Entrepreneurship and ambition are tightly intertwined.Before starting a business there might be thousands of ideas in your mind among which you are not sure what to choose. After choosing the best idea, you should define your goal.Here are critical questions you can ask when you have finished your analysis and are trying to set the goals. Begin with this fundamental question Why do we want to accomplish this goal? then ask the other seven questions

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15 Principles of Successful Entrepreneurs

All great achievements in business and life are built on a willingness to stick to first principles – what you know is right, even though many people around you will tell you to do otherwise. These principles represent the overarching strategies behind individual tactics of successful entrepreneurialism

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The best time to start your new business

Should you begin your new venture when the economy is strong or when is the economy in a downturn? Is the economy that much important?

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