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The Effectiveness of Marketing Channels

Marketing campaigns are core to business success, so what methods are most effective?

It is important to note that customer reach, although key in marketing efforts, should not be the only focus of and effective marketing campaign. The correct choice of marketing channels is significant in achieving this reach and ensuring the target market is captured, thus creating a truly effective marketing campaign.

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The Future of Cloud Computing

Research reports have gone to suggest that entrepreneurs and small business owners work, on average, around 60+ hours per week. AutoMate conducted research and found that entrepreneurs could save about 15-20 hours of work each week by incorporating automation software into their business. By automating tasks such as sending recurring invoices, payment reminders, creating email campaigns and more, entrepreneurs will have more free time in their day.


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Consulting in the UK

The UK consulting market – which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern-Ireland – is worth around £10 billion, making it Europe's second largest consultancy base. Growth has been strong in recent years, ranging between 6% and 10%. According to data from the Management Consultancies Association (MCA) the consulting market of the UK ranks among the fastest growing advisory markets in Europe. In 2012 total fee income of the sector was estimated at £7.4 billion, and on the back of solid year-on-year growth, the consulting industry is currently worth circa £10 billion, including all consultancies (also unregistered with the MCA).

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The UK's Venture Capital Market

The private equity and venture capital market is said to have generated jobs for 385,000 individuals within the UK alone. Over the past five years, out of the 3900 UK companies that have been backed by private equity or venture capital firms in the UK, £27 billion has been invested. Currently within the UK there are in excess of 2,980 businesses that are backed by private equity and venture capital companies. Of these backed companies, it is evidenced that 84% of all investments in 2015 where targeted towards small to medium sized enterprises. Annual returns generated for pension funds and other investors by UK private equity and venture capital between 2005-2014 was a rate of 14.9%.

UK VC investment across the fintech sector is up 37.4 percent year-on-year. In the first half of 2016, 18 deals raised £79.2m for venture and growth-stage businesses; this year, it was 25 deals to the tune of £305m. In other words, UK investment into UK firms that have moved beyond the seed funding stage is up by 285 percent from last year, with the average amount put into each deal up 177 percent. Furthermore, earlier this summer, SoftBank invested $500m in the company Improbable, this being the largest round of venture financing in British history.

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