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20 Tips for Small-Business Success

As starting a new business is high risk, being successful might mean looking at what the other successful person did to reach their goals. here are 20 tips for the young or aspiring entrepreneur to help get you started.

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How to build a great team to success

Did you know that Terrific products, strong financing, cool offices, and a great website don't matter much if your team can't work well together? Developing a great team and establishing a healthy, productive organizational culture are two of your most challenging tasks in a startup. They are also more in your control than many other elements you are dealing with. Here are a couple suggestions to build a powerful team to success:

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Grow your business as a female entrepreneur

Let’ s assumes you don’t know everyone you need to know to grow your business. Who does? That’ s when the networking game comes into play. Even if you’re an introvert, as an entrepreneurial businesswoman, you ’ve got to reach out. And it’ s not just a numbers game. You’re a real person, building business relationships on trust and respect. So how do you do that? Keep the basics of business networking at heart.

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Find the right investor for your small business

Entrepreneurs need to determine which investors to seek to raise money from. Don’t waste your time with investors who aren’t likely to be interested in your business—either because of the company’s industry, stage or otherwise.

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